Saint Agnes of Bohemia Medal Gold

Our medal of Saint Agnes of Bohemia is individually painted and fired in a kiln to the temperature of 700°C (1300°F). A solid 585/1000 gold frame is hand-made.

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St Agnes of Bohemia Medal
St Agnes of Bohemia Medal Latin inscription
Price with VAT : 204,20 $
without VAT : 168,70 $
VAT:21 %
Availability:Usually within 7 days
Size category: medium
Frame: smooth
Product size: 13 x 27 mm
Oval size: 13 x 18 mm
Product weight: 1,70 g
Net weight of 14 ct. gold: 0,50 g
Medal of Saint Agnes of Bohemia, patroness of the Czech Republic and since 1991 also the patroness of gas workers. The attributes include: church, alms, crown, religious dress.
Saint Agnes (Anezka Premyslovna) called Czech, came from a Premyslid family. As a royal daughter, they wanted to marry her several times not only to the king, but also to the emperor. However, she preferred the service of Christ and living in perfect poverty. Agnes is the only woman who also founded the masculine order. In 1237, Pope Gregory IX. confirmed at her request the Prague Hospital Brotherhood as the Knights of the Red Star. According to biographers, Agnes was endowed with clairvoyant vision and the power to perform miracles. She had seen beforehand the death of King Premysl Otakar II. in the Moravian field. She miraculously helped the suffering, afflicted with disease and hunger. In addition to sudden healings, her intercession also describes the miracle of discovering food in a monastery during a time of great need and starvation, when the Czech nation was humiliated by the Branibor. She gave hope and encouragement. She herself was very patient in suffering, excelled in the extraordinary humility and love for which she had a role model in Jesus. As John Paul II wrote: "She fed the hungry, cared for the sick, cared for the elderly, encouraged the helpless and was able to spread peace and reconciliation, comfort and shed new hope." With her canonization the Czech nation could feel her intercession in liberation from the totalitarian regime in 1989. St. Agnes of Bohemia is commemorated on November 13.

Hand-painted pendant. The painting is fired into the enamel at 700°C, the surface is glossy and the back is predominated over with an ornate inscription in Latin “Ora pro nobis!” meaning „Pray for us!“. The medal is set in a 585/1000 hallmarked handcrafted gold frame. The pendant will be delivered in a gift box with a certificate of originality in eight languages. Already included in the price.

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