Vitreous Enamel Dials Manufacturing with Grand Feu Technique

Welcome to our page about manufacturing enamel dials using Grand Feu technique

We were delighted when the watch manufacturer Prim Elton Hodinarska Inc. contacted us asking for fired enamel dials. Production of enamel dials using an old and almost forgotten techniques is a really challenge for even the best in the field of enamelling.

Between 2015 and 2016 we created our first enamel dial for wristwatch which decorates luxury watch Prim Charles IV L. E. It is the first Czech Prim wrist watch with enamel dial. Only a few watchmaking companies in the world have watches with vitreous enamel dial in their portfolio.

The base of our dial consists of a copper plate, enamelled on both sides using the Grand Feu technique. The scale is printed by ceramic colourants and fired. Our hand-painting is formed traditionally by shadowing, firing each colour and layering them. Each miniature is painted with the brushes of squirrel hair. For ultimate decorating of Charles IV we used gold luster. This thin layer of pure gold glows in the sun as only gold can.

We hope that this is just the beginning. Scale of using enamel as a luxury decorative technique is endless. We look forward to prove it soon.

Dial bases enamelled with the Grand Feu technique
A and B sides of enamelled bases with the Grand Feu technique

Fired contours of Charles IV miniature
The contour is fired and the work of our painter can start

Miniature painting of enamel dials
Working of our painter

The painting of finer details will still continue
The faces are not still painted

We have finished painting, print of the scale and firing of gold luster on enamel dial
We have finished painting, printing the scale and firing of gold luster on enamel dial

Our enamel work, painting the miniature and firings of enamel dial are over. Just remain to grind off the margin and drilling the hole for the shaft of the hands. Finished luxury watches which have been created to celebrate the 700th anniversary of the birth of king of Bohemia Charles IV can be viewed here.

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