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In our workshop, we work with the best and purest enamel available – jewelry enamel. It is made by melting silicon dioxide and other substances in very high temperatures. After that, the melted mixture is rapidly cooled down which creates homogeneous solid matter. After crushing the matter (and few other procedures), it is applied onto a metal surface and cauterized. We use a method of gradual application of layers and carefully cauterizing at 800°C for the surface to be as smooth as possible.

Thanks to this method, our enamel looks beautiful forever. It can resist cold, heat, direct sunlight and saline water.

Delicate work with enamel is undoubtedly one of the highest forms of jewelry art. Despite its complicated treatment, from acquisition to painting it, we chose enamel to be the material we will work with. For its hardness and gloss it has been the privilege of kings and queens for 3,000 years. And for us? The perfect canvas for the finest handiwork.

For us the hand-painted limoges enamel is the heart and soul of our work, our perfectly mastered craft. It enables us to look at the world from a different perspective. It is an empty canvas for us to capture historical events and people - and their stories.



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