St. John the Baptist Medallion Pendant Gold

Our St. John the Baptist medallion is individually painted and fired in a kiln to the temperature of 700°C (1300°F). A solid 585/1000 hallmarked gold frame is hand-engraved.

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408R St. John the Baptist Medallion
Price with VAT : 224,10 $
without VAT : 185,20 $
VAT:21 %
Availability:Usually within 7 days
Size category: medium
Frame: decorated
Product size: 13 x 27 mm
Oval size: 13 x 18 mm
Product weight: 2,20 g
Net weight of gold: 1,05 g
John the Baptist, an ascetic man of a skinny figure dressed in leather clothes. A man sent from God to bear witness to the light so that through him everyone might believe. Son of Zechariah and his wife Elizabeth walking through the desserts with a staff with a cross at the end. Protector of winemakers, chimney sweeps, architects, masons, guardian of singers, dancers, smiths, and weavers.
Still young he started wandering the desserts, eating honey of wild bees, roots, and grasshoppers. He wanted to understand life and became a preacher at the age of 30 preaching the coming of Messiah. With his way of living, he became an idol for many people who he baptized in the Jordan river - among others also Jesus Christ.
 He later became the patron saint of Order of Knights of the Hospital of Saint John of Jerusalem (or Knights Hospitaller in short) as well as patron of Malta, Florence, city of Porto in Portugal, protector of Puerto Rico, and its capital San Juan. All around the world they celebrate his patronage on June 24th with burning bonfires and other traditions.

Hand-painted. The painting is fired into the enamel at 700°C, the surface is glossy and the back is predominated over with an ornate inscription “Ora pro nobis!” (Pray for us). It's all set in a 585/1000 hallmarked handcrafted gold frame.
The pendant will be delivered in a gift box with a certificate of originality in eight languages. Everything is already included in the price.

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