Semiproduct 103 Czestochowski Madonna

Hand-painted semiproduct with no frame.

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103 semi
103 semi Latin inscription Czech inscription
Price with VAT : 93,30 $
without VAT : 77,10 $
VAT:21 %
Availability:Usually within 7 days
Size category: medium
Frame: other
Product size: 13,7 x 17,3 mm
Oval size: 13,7 x 17,3 mm
Product weight: g
Net weight of 14 ct. gold: g

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103H Czestochowski Madonna Medal
This saint medal of Czestochowski Madonna is individually painted and fired in a kiln to the ...
without VAT:141,70 $
Price with VAT171,50 $
107 semi
Hand-painted semiproduct with no frame.
without VAT:77,10 $
Price with VAT93,30 $

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