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Originally I was employed as an enamel technologist at the Silka works in Jablonec nad Nisou.
In 1993 my wife and I started out on our own business and built on my knowledge and study the chemistry of silicates (Usti nad Labem, Prague). A year later we acquired the license of the Assay Office in Prague No. 2697 and could enamel also precious metals.

Our small family manufacture have focused from the beginning on high-made craft. We came to the re-burning painting technique by which we achieve unbeatable effects of plasticity. In this technique we are the best in our country. Painted miniatures on enamelled medallions are the main segment of our production.

To this date the number of painted medallions made by our family manufacture climbed to twenty thousand units sold. Traditionally we are the most successful on domestic market, where we do business not only with the largest wholesalers in the country but also with jewelers in small towns. Fair behavior and unsurpassed quality of our products we have gained recognition and respect. Our products are successfully sold also in abroad.

In addition to medals that you can see in our catalog of products we also manufacture to order. These are local or rare motifs or other products of enamel jewelry.

Depiction of the Virgin Mary or other saints on medals has a long tradition in our country likewise enameling or painting on enamel. And I believe that this beautiful craft which belongs to the peak of jewelery finesses can bring its current fans exactly what is already a few in the last times: awareness of continuity of history, belonging to vision which the painted picture relates to and strengthening of faith or awakening love that is never really enough. Each image burn in enamel also has a chance to stun of our descendants by its softness and colour reproduction. I see them as in fifty years thinking: "How do they did it at the time?"

Radek Aljancic
jewelry enamel specialist

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