About Aljančič

The Aljančič family business manufacturing has been continuing Europe’s history with enamel craft for two generations already. Since 1993, every product leaving our workshop is an original. There, with each careful stroke of a paintbrush and inside scorching heat of our furnace, we give life to our uniquely beautiful enamel jewelry.

Our products are being sold all over the world. Most of our customers are from Germany, Austria, Czech republic, Middle East and USA, however, you can also see them on display of vendors in Philippines and Hong Kong.

Our products are the work of good people – our work was blessed by the pope Benedict XVI.

In 2015, we started manufacturing enamel dials for luxury watches. That is actually one of the hardest fields of enamel manufacturing.

In 2016, we founded Aljančič s.r.o.



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